2004: Apr
ECware 6.0 Released
ECware 6.0 is a complete rewrite, moving the source code to the .Net platform in c#. New features include improved performance, modular design, increased customization, and many enhancements to existing functionality.
2003: Feb
ECware 5.5 Released
ECware 5.5 is released after having released versions 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4 to our private customer base since 2000. New features include a completely rebuilt back-end with improved payment and fulfillment management, improved organization of orders, and easier management of products. On the front end, products can be presented with unlimited extensions and the checkout process is reduced to 2 clicks.
2000: Apr
Dot-Com Implosion
Within days of the announcement of ECmerchant 2000, several dot-com businesses were shut down as the stock market took a deep dive. This trend continued for 2 years, ending in 2002. Because HyperMedia is a small privately-owned business with positive cash flow and is privately funded, it survived the dot-com implosion and remained a small company focused primarily on the maintenance and upgrading of its own well-established customer base.
2000: Apr
ECware Pro 5.0 Released
ECmerchant 2000 (ECware Pro 5.0) is officially released at the Spring Internet World in Los Angeles CA. ECmerchant 2000 is a server-side commerce solution for small to mid-sized merchants and is distributed through HyperMedia’s ASP partners. ECmerchant 2000 makes itself available to U.S. and foreign SMCs, who, before now, were limited by the localization restrictions that ECware's rival e-commerce products present.
2000: Mar
HyperMedia Changes Name to ECware
HyperMedia Corporation, a pioneer of electronic commerce software, announces a corporate name change that more closely represents the focus of the company and identifies the company with the software brand, ECware.
2000: Mar
Ten Thousandth Online Store Sold
HyperMedia Corporation announces the sale of the 10,000th ECware online store.  This announcement comes only 8 months after HyperMedia announced it had reached sales of 5,000 online stores.  “Sales have been increasing at a phenomenal rate during the last several months”, said Sean Rowland, ECware Software’s CEO and Creative Director.  Rowland added: “In addition to strong growth of sales to our U.S. clients, we are also selling increased volume to Europe and Asia as e-commerce catches on in those markets.”
1999: Mar
Open Language Source
ECware Pro 4.0 e-commerce software enable merchants to customize currency symbols and all text that shoppers see, making it possible for ECware Pro 4.0 to be used to sell products over the Internet in any language. Open currency support is already available.
1998: Oct
ECware Pro 4.0 Released
ECware Professional Version 4.0 is officially released at the Fall Internet World in New York City. ECware Pro 4.0 is the world's first server-side e-commerce software designed specifically for ISPs and developers to offer solutions to the growing small business sector who currently make up the majority of e-commerce prospects. ECware Pro 4.0 attracts small businesses due to its combination of a rich feature set, low price point, easy administration, and because it significantly reduces lead time and initial deployment costs through site development efficiency.
1998: Apr
CyberCash Endorsement
ECware Pro 4.0 beta undergoes strict testing by CyberCash and is one of the first products to be certified as a CyberCash approved e-commerce product. CyberCash's Chris Deephouse of engineering calls ECware Pro 4.0 beta "one of best examples of CyberCash integration I've seen yet".
1998: Feb
Ziff-Davis Endorsement
ECware Pro 3.02 is reviewed and rated by Ziff-Davis' team of professional software evaluators and is awarded the top-level rating of five stars. Ziff-Davis highly recommends ECware Pro 3.02 and describes it as an "electronic-software package that has it all" and as a "major-league" product which is "technically superb". HyperMedia signs redistribution agreement for the 60-day evaluation copy of ECware Pro 3.02. Ziff Davis redistributes ECware on a free CD-ROM that is included with selected Ziff-Davis magazines.
1998: Jan
WebSite Pro Bundle
O'Reilly Media - then known as O'Reilly & Associates - recognizes ECware Pro 3.02 as the best e-commerce product to bundle with their web server software, WebSite Pro 2.0. O'Reilly and HyperMedia Corp. and sign Compatibility Partner Agreement. ECware Pro 3.02 is awarded the WebSite Pro 2.0 Compatibility Seal and is bundled with the shrink-wrapped and online versions of WebSite Pro 2.0 and is also showcased on the WebSite Pro web site.
1997: Dec
ECware Pro 3.02 Released
ECware Pro 3.02 is officially released. New features include automatic email notification, Dynamic Catalog Pages (DCP),  ActiveCGI, UPS Quick Cost Calculator,  and enhanced order management features, including a new "order collections" tool for easy order organization and AVS code capturing for credit cards, which helps trap fraudulent orders.
1997: Sep
CyberCash Technology Partner
After careful review of ECware 2.0 by CyberCash, HyperMedia is awarded the status of CyberCash Technology Partner and signs a Software Integration and Distribution agreement with CyberCash, Inc. to provide full integration of the CyberCash secure Internet payment system with ECware 2.0 electronic commerce software. CyberCash is the only online payment system available for conducting real-time credit card transactions over the internet. Hypermedia is one of 5 Technology Partners at this time, the other 4 being banks and 1 large computer manufacturer.
1997: May
ECware 2.0 Released
Soon after releasing version 2.0 of the CyberMerchant e-commerce service, a distributed software version is released and the name is changed to "ECware" (short for electronic commerce software). ECware 2.0 becomes the first ever turnkey server-side e-commerce product with full payment system integration. ECware supports the "try-before-you-buy" concept by distributing a free 60-day evaluation version through major online distribution points such as TuCows, Beverly Hill Software, Ziff-Davis, and many others.
1996: Dec
First Online Credit Card Transaction
HyperMedia orchestrates the first live CyberCash supported credit card transaction in the Pacific Basin with ECware 2.x beta testing customer, ColorCom, through First Hawaiian Bank and MAPP.
1996: Jan
"ECware 1.1" Released
Hypermedia Corporation offers a hosted server-side e-commerce service to merchants in Hawaii and Japan. The software behind the service is part of HyperMedia's CyberMerchant hosting plan and not released as the ECware stand-alone software package until version 2.0 of the service is tested and ready for installation on other web servers. The first release (version 1.1) of the e-commerce service is rigorously tested in live operation using a variety of real-world merchants with varied requirements.
1995: May
On May 8th, HyperMedia Corp. (the parent company of Electric Café) is registered as a corporation formed to conduct business as a publisher of internet media and software. The staff grows from 2 to 6 pioneers and an e-commerce solution featuring dynamic content is under development with a few select testing partners.
1994: Nov
Sean Rowland and Rick Pa, having published and distributed 80,000 copies of their high tech magazine, PC Currents, headlining the announcement of the upcoming commercialization of the internet, began to publish an online version of PC Currents, one of the first print media publications in history to go online, and to re-invent the sales catalog for the internet unwittingly pioneering e-commerce.