It is essential that websites are optimized for search engines from the ground up. SEO is not an afterthought, but rather a necessary part of the architecture of websites. At Electric Café, we have designed for SEO since before the term SEO was coined. We use only white hat SEO and apply it in several ways:

  • Site Structure: We structure websites using standardized naming conventions and search-engine-friendly URL hierarchies.
  • Web Standards: We adhere to W3C standards. And because we build websites on the WordPress platform, the websites we build benefit from its steadfast adherence to web standards.
  • Social Media: We add social media tags to the page source, providing additional website and product information for search engines to parse.

Hands-On vs. Automation

Every website is different and has different requirements. Similarly, each business owner operates their business in a unique environment and thus requires unique SEO services. You may have a small bed & breakfast targeting low competition keywords and wish to maximize your profits only during tourist season. You may have a major online pharmacy competing for some of the most competitive phrases online today. No one search engine optimization service could cover all the various needs of all businesses. For this reason, we take the following hands-on approach in lieu of automation:

  • Intelligence: we help in choosing the keyword phrases that will produce the greatest ROI for your business
  • White Hat Practices: we are committed to attaining top search engine positioning and to avoid tactics that can get your website banned
  • Personal Commitment: we employ a hands-on approach to search engine optimization
  • Optimized Framework: all of the web solutions we develop include built-in SEO performance boosting

SEO Consulting

Pre-Design Clients: If you have not designed your website yet and would like to have it built for SEO from the ground up, this is an excellent opportunity to ensure that the site structure and design are done correctly from the onset. Electric Café will perform a full analysis of your business and the kinds of keywords potential customers are most likely to use to find you, your products, and/or services and provide you with an “architectural plan” to build the foundation of your website in such a way as to attain the best possible search engine positioning.

Post-Design Clients: Electric Café also helps those with existing websites to make the necessary adjustments to attain the best possible search engine positioning.