Social Media is a mixture of Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, and Customer Service and is one of the most effective ways to get the word out and generate a buzz around product launches, sales, and special company promotions. Electric Café can help with Social Media Marketing. We offer both stand-alone consulting services and comprehensive full service social media campaigns including:

  • Researching and Identifying your Customers: With Social Media you can identify where your target audience visits and the best way to engage them. Social Media provides a unique opportunity to target messages and gain a new understanding of customer behavior.


  • Creating Awareness and Listening: Social Media provides business with an unprecedented ability to listen and learn from what customers are saying online about your brand and your market. Any well-managed and successful social media campaign involves two key elements: engagement and actionable analysis. To build a solid foundation for your social media campaign both must be involved.


  • Engaging your Customers: Social Media not only allows business to listen to customers, but also to engage and develop conversations. Our campaigns set the stage for business to get involved in this communication and acquire useful and actionable data. When your target market starts to communicate with your brand directly, it generates trust! You can build lasting relationships with potential customers based on this trust, who will in turn become brand ambassadors and long term customers.


  • Creating Trust by Providing Value: Providing value for your market builds relevance and makes you a trusted source of information. That value can come in the form of blogs, videos, articles, resources, tips, or any kind of interesting content. The more you give them, the more engaged your followers will be. Electric Café works directly with business to create fresh, useful, relevant content and to syndicate across the social sphere.

Facebook and Twitter are a gold mine of useful and actionable information ready to be mined. Facebook currently has 2.07 Billion Active Users and growing and Twitter generates 500 Million Tweets per day!

Electric Café uses the technology and tools available including the Twitter and Facebook APIs. We use these tools to analyze and implement successful social media campaigns that create a buzz and reinforce your message.

Electric Café also develops custom applications designed to drive traffic, promote your brand, and gain actionable intelligence from Social Media campaigns. Our experience with social media platforms and API’s give our clients the upper edge in the market. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Facebook Apps
  • Twitter Apps
  • Branded Microsites
  • Landing Pages